The Best Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking for the best ways to host a baby shower? How about the best types of gifts to bring when you are invited to one? Showers are a unique experience no matter what side of the guest list you are on. When you start looking for ways to make it special Cribs and Carriages has what you have been searching for and much more. Begin browsing the different sections of the site and gather inspiration and find opportunities for all of the different aspects of your baby shower.

Duck Baby Shower Invitation / Rubber Duck Invite
Our Little Princess Baby Blanket PERSONALIZED
Pink Princess Baby Blanket
Sparkling Chevron Personalized Baby Girl Pacifier
Stork Baby Shower Stamps
Rustic Burlap Mason Jar Baby Diaper Raffle Ticket

Unforgettable Baby Showers

Unforgettable baby showers begin with one of a kind ideas. But how do you plan for the baby shower? And is it hard to translate an idea into a exciting celebration, nor do those celebrations have to be expensive.

Some of the best baby showers are the affordable ones.

Why? Because just like baby, a baby shower doesn’t place a perceived value on the festivities. A baby shower needs to fulfill two very simple roles to be successful. For starters it needs to fulfill its original purpose. The term baby shower comes from the tradition of showering mommy with gifts for baby. A lot has changed from first shower but the tradition of collecting things for the baby is still the primary purpose of the baby shower.

Whether the gifts are required or not is another topic all together and one that I plan to cover in a later installment. Needless to say if the gift portion is a success, a successful baby shower can’t be too far behind.

But what is the other ingredient for a successful baby shower?

A baby shower must be enjoyable. Note that I used a rather strong word there, I didn’t say: could, might, should, or needs, no it is utterly important that it should be enjoyable. And when it is successful at this you don’t need to spend a lot on the decorations, accessories, or food. An entertaining baby shower is rather simple. And when you look back to the celebrations that you have attended, the ones that provide us with the fondest memories are the ones that we went with people that we cared about. Because of this there are a lot of ways to make the shower a hit. And as you can see they don’t need to cost a fortune.

There was an interesting piece about planning for a cheap shower that fills all of the criteria of an absolutely unforgettable. It offers insight into all of the different aspects of planning, which is useful if you are on that side of the guest list. You may find more information on babyshowerinvitation if you will be in charge of organizing the party.

As you can see there are only two simple things that you need to really make the afternoon a success.

Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Is there a big difference between a baby shower for girls and other types? Of course not. Only the dressing needs to be… well… dressed up a little bit.

The biggest difference between a little girls shower and those for boys is that they have the opportunity to be a little fancier. Decorations are brighter, more visible and yes they do have the girly touch. At least if mommy is the type to appreciate things like that.

Both the guests and the honoree can appreciate the what a baby girl shower has to offer and here are some great ideas for you to get inspired. There are so many ways to make this a success. And so many ways to plan, some of the best shower ideas are also the simplest.

Our Little Princess Baby Blanket PERSONALIZED
Crystal Rhinestone With Classy Bow Pacifier
Pink Princess Baby Blanket
Sparkling Chevron Personalized Baby Girl Pacifier
Stork Baby Shower Stamps
Vintage Baby Princess Pink Lumbar Pillow
Baseball Ticket Baby Shower Invitation
gray pink Couple's Baby shower Invitation
Personalized Vintage Princess Baby Roses Thank You Favor Box

Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

When you hear the word boy baby shower there are a lot of different ways it might be styled. If daddy is taking part it might be a sports themed shower. But there are plenty of ways to make the baby shower a real success.

There are also a lot of other ways that a boy’s baby shower might look. One of them is in the form of a BaByQ. These are a lot of fun for both the hosts and those attending because it offers such a laid back, almost grill party like atmosphere.

Duck Baby Shower Invitation / Rubber Duck Invite
Little Boy Blue Baby Shower, Thank You Cards
Personalized Baseball Baby Shower Gifts for Boys Baby Bodysuit
Baseball Ticket Baby Shower Invitation
chalkboard blue Couple's Baby shower Invitation
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Baby Boy Elephant Baby Shower Wrapping Paper
Personalized Elephant Baby Shower Banner for Boys